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A brand new design for your facebook store

Here at Easy Social Shop, we’re dedicated to provide you the best product that will help you to increase your sales.
Therefore, we’re always listening to your feedback and during the past months, we worked on reflecting it on your social shops.

Today we deliver the revamped design of Easy Social Shop to tens of thousands of shops running on our platform.
From bigger images to Pinterest integration, let walk through the newest additions to your social shop.

A new product gallery view

The storefront interface is now even sleeker and offers to your shoppers bigger images.




Detailed product view

Your shoppers can now see more details about your products such as large image, additional product images, description, shipping info, condition etc.  without leaving your facebook page.


Let your shoppers pin and tweet your products

Pinterest integration has been a highly requested feature, along with the twitter integration.
Your shoppers and yourself can now share products on their boards and tweet about the products mentioning your business ( once configured in the twitter handle section in the back office ).



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