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Europe : World leader in the E-commerce market

According to the European E-commerce Europe Association, online selling has earned 312 billion Euros in Europe during 2012, of which 277 billion Euros came from the European Union, which resulted in an increase of 18% since 2011. Crisis indeed! But not for the online selling industry! As a matter of fact, the E-commerce industry represents […]

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Competition Winner: The Juicy Strawberry Facebook Shop!

  The Juicy Strawberry Owner: Pearl Mahon,     The Juicy Strawberry came to life seven months ago when I was at home in Ireland for the summer and without work. I’ve always loved crafts, thanks to my mum, and so I had been making a few bits and pieces over the summer and working with my […]

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Social Commerce: The Future of the E-Commerce

E-commerce revolutionized shopping. It made it possible to purchase nearly every single consumer good a person could want, from food to flowers, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. But what if there was a way to take e-commerce even further, so you could do all your shopping without having to leave everyone’s favorite site: […]

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