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Europe : World leader in the E-commerce market

According to the European E-commerce Europe Association, online selling has earned 312 billion Euros in Europe during 2012, of which 277 billion Euros came from the European Union, which resulted in an increase of 18% since 2011. Crisis indeed! But not for the online selling industry! As a matter of fact, the E-commerce industry represents […]

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Candy Store’s Sweet Success: Get a boost for being a social store

Setting up a social store on Facebook and other similar social networking platforms can give your business a big boost

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What About the Non-Ecommerce Businesses on Facebook?

If you want to create a presence for your business on Facebook, you have to tread cautiously, more so if you are into non-ecommerce business.       To begin with, remember that Facebook is just a tool and may not act as a replacement for traditional word-of-mouth publicity. Though you can create buzz for […]

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E-commerce on Facebook: things you need to know

If you are planning to use e-commerce on Facebook to give some leverage to your business, you should keep certain things in mind to do it the right way.         – To begin with, you shouldn’t try to hard-sell your offerings. If you just try to sell your wares, chances are, your […]

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Tips for a Business Page on Facebook

With Facebook marketing experiencing an all-time high, it’s natural that businesses – large, small, and those in-between, are trying to make the most of this social networking platform.       The problem is that many business owners do all the wrong things and end up taking the fizz away from their marketing campaigns. So, […]

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