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Many Twitter users have already asked themselves the question: how to get a verified account? Until now, the process was relatively opaque: the account wishing to obtain its “Verified” badge had to be in contact with an employee of the social network, and very often, buy advertising. But good news: now you can claim your verification directly, via a dedicated form.


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What Is Twitter Verification?


The Twitter Verification consists of the process by which the Twitter social network verify an account, a Twitter profile. A verified account obtains the Twitter badge. Getting the badge is done through Twitter Verification Portal, the bluebird verification portal. Twitter describes the framework in which an account can obtain Twitter verification: 

An account can be verified if it is a public interest account. These are typically user-managed accounts in the areas of music, entertainment, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and media. Other critical areas of interest.


Twitter also publishes a list of recommendations to maximize the chances of obtaining the famous “Verified” badge. If it is a personal account, one must use a real name or stage name. In the case of an organization, its real name must also be used. The profile photo must be a photo of the self or company logo to certify the organization’s Twitter account. Note that the cover photo (banner) must also match business or account owner. Finally, as part of the verification of a corporate Twitter account, the email address used must be linked to the organization (prefer an email address with the same domain as the company’s website).


How to Apply for Twitter verification?


The conditions for obtaining a Twitter verification are as follows:

  • A biography
  • A phone number
  • A website
  • A public profile
  • A profile photo with a logo or photo
  • A cover page
  • An unambiguous name

Why Apply for Twitter verification?


How is a Twitter verification request an opportunity for an account, a brand, or a company? The Twitter certified badge aims to declare that an account is reliable and authentic. Here are the benefits of Twitter certification:


Branding: A verified Twitter account is a real added value for your branding. Internet users see you as an opinion leader or a reliable actor.


Visibility: Verified Twitter accounts generally have better visibility and a better click rate than non-certified accounts.


Fight against identity theft: Some Twitter accounts are susceptible to identity theft: many malicious internet users may want to create false accounts by posing as a brand, a company, or a public figure.


How to Know If the Verification Request Is Accepted?


Twitter is supposed to send a response by email but, to date, does not commit to response time. If there is no email or answer, the request has likely been rejected. Where an application is denied, one can submit a new request 30 days after receiving the refusal email. 

The three stages of verification :


  1. Twitter account verified: Request to verify the account

Once you have clicked on the link to access the form, you will arrive on this window, which will introduce you to verification. Then click CONTINUE

Request to have a verifiedTwitter account


  1. Verified Twitter account: The account to be verified

Check that the Twitter account to verify is the account you are connected to at the time of the request. Check the box if it is an account representing a brand or an organization.

Then go to the next step.

Request to have a verified Twitter account # 2


  1. Verified Twitter account: Fill in your links and your message

Here you will enter at least two links (URL), which will help Twitter to verify your identity or that of the brand concerned. If the Twitter account to be verified is a personal account, you will be asked for an identity card or a copy of your passport.


Then fill in a short slip on the why of your verification request. Be accurate and instead put forward arguments that relate to your expertise and the need to certify your Twitter account, according to you.


Request to have a verified Twitter account # 3


All you have to do is try your luck to obtain a verified Twitter account, hoping that your request will be received favorably. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, you can try again after 30 days of refusal. Twitter does not communicate on the number of possible requests, however, but if you get two consecutive rejections, it will probably be difficult to convince of a change that would have occurred in the meantime.


Warning: Once your Twitter account has been verified, do not change you@ username anymore. Otherwise you will have the verification withdrawn.


There are advantages to being verified on Twitter. First, the badge tells the Twittosphere that account is important and that the content associated with the account is worthy of public interest. This assures of a certain legitimacy and dubs the account as a reliable source of information.