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Europe : World leader in the E-commerce market

According to the European E-commerce Europe Association, online selling has earned 312 billion Euros in Europe during 2012, of which 277 billion Euros came from the European Union, which resulted in an increase of 18% since 2011.

Crisis indeed! But not for the online selling industry!

As a matter of fact, the E-commerce industry represents 88.7% of the global market led by three countries: the United Kingdom with 96 billion Euros, Germany with 50 billion Euros, and France with 45 billion Euros.

Numbers that are flying!

Numbers, however, become more significant when we realize that Europe contains 250 million cyber buyers, which is half of the online European population, spending on average 1243 Euros in 2013.



New employment on sight!

Indeed, it was confirmed, the E-commerce BtoC would generate the creation of two million jobs!

A constant increase

The continent consists of 550,000 commercial sites, which increases yearly by 15 to 20%. And the best part is that according to the E-commerce Europe Association, the increase of online supply is led by countries in Southern Europe that are catching up on other more mature countries.

An incredible success!

It is therefore Europe that stands in the first place on the global scene since 2010. They stand in front of the North American continent in second place and Pacific Asia in third place, which actually represents the part of the world where this kind of business knows the most important increase!


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